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  1. Enter your postcode/house number in the field above.
  2. Select the address from the displayed list.
  3. Select the Find button.

By selecting My House you will see information on:

  • Location of the property.
  • Council tax information.
  • Waste and recycling services within the locality of the property, including collection schedule.
  • Health service provision within the locality of the property.
  • Planning information relating to the property.
  • Details of current planning applications submitted in the vicinity of the property.
  • Education provision within the locality of the property.
  • Highways information within the locality of the property.
  • The ward in which the property is located and who the local ward members and MP are.
  • The address of the polling station relating to the property.

By selecting My Maps – you will see:

  • The property's local area in a map format and to the left, a list of switchable map categories.

By clicking on a '+' or '-' sign to the left of the map categories, this information can be expanded to provide further sub-categories.

  • Planning.
  • Tree and Grounds Maintenance.
  • Refuse and Cleaning.
  • Parking and Transport.

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